Welcome to One Care. We are an alliance of health and care providers across Redbridge, whose goal is to design and deliver joined up care, on behalf of the people of Redbridge.

Our vision is that all residents of Redbridge should have the highest quality of life in its broadest sense, and that it is the responsibility of all of us in our local community to work together to achieve this for and with one another.

Our belief is that the greatest motivator to both staff and patients in aspiring to create a healthier community is compassion. We aim to equip paid and voluntary health and care workers in Redbridge with the time, training, support and tools they need to deliver the high quality, compassionate care which originally inspired them to dedicate themselves to this vocation.

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A group of patients in the area, hearing about the One Care project, volunteered the following suggestion for how One Care could help in improving access to General Practice. We believe it is excellent and would like to take it as the starting point for our further engagement and design. We enclose it here exactly as they submitted it. Please read it and indicate if you agree or disagree. Feel free to leave your own comments: